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42 DD High-Flow Intake System for MK7 Golf R

Serious Gains From A Serious Intake

42 Draft Designs has long avoided the crowded air intake marketplace. In order for an intake project to captivate our attention, the goal must be difficult to achieve. We set out to create a high quality intake with a clean look that truly delivers. Although the process was far from simple, the finished product exceeds our expectations with ease.

Our High-Flow Intake System combines an oversized air filter with an engineered velocity stack in an accurately shaped heatshield. Precision machining, fabrication, and finishing methods are used throughout. The result is an air intake system that delivers serious gains and looks the part.

To understand how it works, let’s take a look at the construction. Starting at the MAF, an adaptor slides over the MAF while a silicone o-ring creates a seal. Our velocity stack slides through the heatshield and attaches to the MAF adaptor with an o-ring seal. The velocity stack represents the heart of the intake, drawing air equally from all sides and accelerating it to the opening of the MAF. An oversized air filter properly fits the velocity stack, minimally restricting airflow. The heatshield represents the backbone of the intake, holding the components together, mounting to the engine bay, and shielding the filter from engine bay temperatures.

The entire system assembles and installs with perfection thanks to the extensive craftsmanship used to create each component. The MAF adaptor and velocity stack are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum. O-ring grooves are utilized and contours follow the OEM MAF flange. The heatshield is constructed from waterjet cut 304 stainless steel. Each piece is fitted and TIG welded on precision tooling to assure accurate fitment. The heatshield is finished with a satin black powdercoat and stainless steel hardware is used to assemble the components.

Installed in the engine bay, our intake appears oversized and robust. On the road, our intake unleashes power and sound. The diverter valve is audible and the sound created by the velocity stack can only be described as vicious. Substantial power gains can be felt throughout the power band with no loss of low-end torque.


CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum
CNC Waterjet Cut 304 Stainless Steel
Mandrel Bent 304 Stainless Steel Tubing
TIG Welded Construction
Silicone O-Ring & Gasket
100% Stainless Steel Hardware
Satin Black Powdercoat Finish


Velocity Stack
Intake Elbow
K&N Cone Filter
SAI Filter
SAI Filter Adaptor
Mounting Hardware

Weight 12.00 lbs
Price: CDN$525.00 (USD$375.00)
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