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Euro LED Tail Light Adapter Harness for MK7
5G0 998 001

If you have or plan on getting the very stylish LED Tail lights for your Golf 7 and want the OEM functions such as amber turn signals, you will need these adapters.

The adapters plug between the tail lights and your stock tail light harness, so no cutting or splicing is required.

All plugs used are genuine OEM VW and the harnesses are pre-assembled.


One of the wires will need to be ran from the inner tail light to the outer tail light to get the amber turn signal to function on the inner tail light.

A small sliver of plastic will need to be removed from the inner tailgate driver's side plug for this plug to fit into the harness. This does not impact function in anyway.

Weight 4.00 lbs
Price: CDN$133.00 (USD$95.00)
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