PG Performance :: Audi :: Evolution 1” Lift Kit for MK4 Golf/Jetta & New Beetle
Evolution 1” Lift Kit for MK4 Golf/Jetta & New Beetle

We developed this 1" lift kit to raise the low stock level height of the MK4 VW's. At best your car has 4.5 inches of clearance and with the known saggy springs you can be as low as 3.5 inches clearance. Our kit as been thoroughly tested and is the perfect height to maintain the stock camber, caster, shock and strut tolerances. Components comprise of Aluminum and Stainless Steel with great corrosion resistance. This kit is a perfect match with our Atlas aluminum skid plates by giving you more height and superior protection of your engine bay components. Install takes 45min on a hoist and at least 60 minutes using a jack. This kit has been test-fitted with OEM Sachs suspension, Koni FSD's, and Bilstein TC 's suspension. The kit will not work with Bilstein HD's or any suspension that the strut is larger diameter then OEM.

A detailed easy to follow, step by step guide is only located on our website and not included in the kit. The Install Guide for your kit is: MK4 1" Lift Kit


1999.5-2006 Golf
1999.5-2005 Jetta
1999.5-2006 Jetta Wagon
1998-2010 New Beetle

Weight 11.00 lbs
Price: CDN$194.60 (USD$139.00)
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